Lynx TD 15 .270 Win Real Tree

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Made in Finland by Lynx, the TD 15 is their flagship hunting rifle and it has an ingenious construction: a milled aluminium middle block has independent attachments for the barreled action, front and butt stock.

At the heart of our rifles is the patented Lynx CrossBolt straight-pull bolt action. It is smooth, fast, accurate and always reliable. Through innovative mechanical design and engineering, the system has been simplified to perfection. The locking action itself has only seven parts and an entire Lynx Rifle has less parts than found in the locking action of competing straight-pull systems. The key to the Lynx CrossBolt is its’ cocking handle. It performs a total of five different actions. The cocking handle opens and closes the locking piece, which crosses through the bolt into the receiver on both sides. When opening the bolt, the handle cocks the firing pin and locks it back during reloading. In addition, the cocking handle provides extra force to remove the case out from the chamber.

When taking the rifle down for travel, the butt stock is removed by one screw, while the barreled action remains fixed. The construction ensures the impact point remains unchanged. Moreover, as the barreled action is independent of the stocks, the rifle is highly resistant to adverse effects from changing weather. There are Walnut and Synthetic versions of the TD 15.

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  • Caliber – .270 Win
  • Action – Straight pull bolt action
  • Barrel Length – 22″
  • Overall length – 43 1/2″
  • Weight – 8.5 lbs
  • Sights – no
  • Receiver – Grooved Tikka Rail
  • Magazine – detachable 3+1
  • Trigger – Single set adjustable
  • Stock – Real Tree Camo
  • Finish – Blued


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