CCI 17 Hornady Mach 2 Ammo 17 Grain Hornady V-Max


This CCI 17 HM2 features a 17 grain polymer tipped V-Max bullet which allows it to be 60% faster than a 22 Long Rifle round.

The V-Max bullet mushrooms like a big game bullet instead of fragmenting like a varmint bullet, which gives the shooter minimal meat and hide damage yet still provides excellent accuracy and powerful impact.

The 17 HM2 ammunition is not a variation of the 17 HMR and is not interchangeable with it.

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MPN 0048
UPC 076683000484
Caliber 17 HM2 AMMO
Bullet Type Poly-Tip V-Max
Muzzle Velocity 2010 fps
Muzzle Energy 152 ft. lbs


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