ATI Target 410 Gauge Ammo 2 ½” T+9 Lead Pellet


Caliber 410 GAUGE
Bullet Type Buckshot
Muzzle Velocity 1410 fps
Muzzle Energy ft lbs
Ounce of Shot 1/2
Primer Shotgun Primer
Casing Shotgun Casing
Ammo Rating Hunting 410 Gauge Ammo


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These 410 Gauge ammo from ATI are brass base plastic loads, designed in a 2 1/2 inch #9 lead buckshot ammo.

ATI 410 Gauge Ammo 2 ½” #9 is a new production ammo, just released for 2017.

Though ATI (American Tactical Imports) is an American company located in Summerville, South Carolina, these 410 Gauge Rifled Slugs are made in Turkey.

Taurus Judge owners should be prepared that there is a pronounced difficulty in extraction with the Judges; consumers’ needs to plan on giving the revolver extractors some help with these, and not expect to reload quickly.


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