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A word about the magazine that comes with the upper. These magazines will not accommodate all 2 1/2″ 410 gauge shells. 410 ammo varies in length by manufacturer. If the shell will go in the magazine with out forcing it the magazine will feed fine. This is the main issue people run into when shooting their uppers.

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Federal Top Gun

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Hornady Critical Defense

Nobel Sport

Federal Handgun Defense #4

Monarch (Academy brand)




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  • AR 15 Upper in .410 gauge
  • Machined Octagonal Fore end with top picatinny rail
  • Comes with front and rear flip up sights and 9 round magazine
  • Bolt Carrier and Charging Handle included

7 reviews for IFC OFEPR UPPER RECEIVER .410 2.5″ 18.5″ 9RD FLIP-UP SIGHTS/RAIL

  1. franksauvageot (verified owner)

    Great item just as described would definitely buy again

  2. Kerry Wicks (verified owner)

    Excellent function, highly recommended.

  3. tlj1961 (verified owner)

    All I get is a single shot. 2.5″ shells are still to long. They hang in the magazine. I would stay away until someone can develop a shell that’s at least a 1/16 inch shorter. I even shaved the shell, but you got know when to stop otherwise all your shot falls out. I’m not happy.

    • Darren Wilson

      I am sorry you are having trouble finding 410 ammo that is the correct length. This issue is addressed on the product page. We have a list of ammunition we know that functions very well in these uppers. There are more types of ammo that work than those that don’t. Another alternative is to use the ATI magazine. They have a patented cut out in their magazine that let’s it accommodate pretty much every 2 1/2″ 410 shell out there. Please call me with the brand of ammo you are using and let’s try to see what is going on.

  4. elkhunter521 (verified owner)

    It is picky about length of shells used. Handloaders can work around br using 444 marlin cases.
    Using H110, large pistol primer(Win ) Win 410 shot cup. 3 Horn .375 round balls.
    Use a 7/16 nitro card under shot cup. Use an over shot card cut with a 44 mag case.
    Balls weigh 80 gr, velocity is 1200 fps.
    I have had zero jams or failure to feed.

  5. tlj1961 (verified owner)

    After talking to Darren and buying shells directly from him my AR410 works perfectly. Looking forward to doing more business with him. Soon

  6. lrustr (verified owner)

    So far so good!! I haven’t got to shoot it much. But I noticed that the Fiocchi and the Ati runs pretty good though it. I did my research though before buying this and read about the mags don’t like all shells. One thing I did do with the mags was took my dremel and pulled apart the mag and cleaned up and sharp or burred edges. Not much but seems like it made a difference. Did that to the mags that it came with. Also ordered 2 Ati mags when I ordered this upper. Did the same to those mags and all 4 mags seem to work really good after doing it. Hope maybe this might help someone. But I do like this upper and it runs pretty good I think. Would recomend it.

  7. lrustr (verified owner)

    Also for got to mention United Sporting Arms was very helpful before I purchased this upper. Had recommended which ammo and let me know all shells arent the same. Thanks for the help and I do recommend these guys!!

    • Darren Wilson

      Thank you for the feedback and thanks for shopping with us. Let us know if you have any issues.

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