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New model 410 upper from IFC

Here is a video from IFC on the new model upper coming later this summer. There are definite changes notably the new fore end. Also notice in the video the bolt holds open on the last shot unlike the model out now. We do not have the cost or delivery time for now but we are being told that info will be available soon.

1 thought on “New model 410 upper from IFC

  1. I purchased an IFC 410 upper and wow what fun it is, i can find new, primed 410 shells to load as i want
    i was very pleased with the professional service, i really like my AR 410, turkeys didn’t like it
    i loaded some 40 caliber hollow points to play with not accurate, but fun ! i used Boba plastic straws between gun powder shot card and 40 cal bullet pop pop pop
    i would buy this again …. oh yes !

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