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New model 410 upper pictures and update

Here is a look at the new 410 upper coming soon from IFC. We hope to have them no later than the first week of September. We are getting a large order of them. The cost of the new upper has increased somewhat. We had been selling the older model at $319 plus $25 shipping. With the price increase they are now $369 and that includes free shipping. Once we have a firm date of arrival we will put it on the homepage. Here is a list of whats been done to improve the new model. This information is from IFC.

Better manufactured parts
Tighter tolerances
Improved functionality
New octagonal fore end with top picatinny rail
Better testing measures from manufacturer
Stricter quality control

One knock on the upper is that it doesn’t lock back on last shot fired. When we watched the video sent by the manufacturer we noticed the bolt locked back all 3 times it was shot. We are not be able to confirm that this has been corrected but it appears so in the video. Hopefully this is the case. You can watch the video in the prior posting.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the product. Thanks for shopping with us.